Sequoia Skip
Around the Trees, Off the Water, Nothing But Cup – A Ridiculous Ace Indeed

You see plenty of lucky efforts on this site, although it’s about time we sprinkle in some skill. Well, there’s a bit of luck in here as well, but the intent is clear.

Hole 7 on Sequoia Grove is one of the toughest eagles to come by when it comes to drivable par-4s. With trees blocking the direct path to the hole, a bender off the tee is required. The water situated in the front makes this a risky proposition, and sticking the green can be a challenge.

As you’ll see in the shot below, however, there are some “interesting” ways to attack this green if the conditions, club and tee line up right.

Here’s your early favorite for Best Shot on Golden Tee 2013 right here.

Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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