From one Steve to Another
Another PowerPutt Pro Just Notched a -35 Playing LIVE, and he Did it Twice!

Move over, Steven Tirey. You’ve got company.

A few weeks back, Ohio golfer Steven Tirey fired off an unthinkable -35 playing on King Putt’s Tomb in a PowerPutt LIVE Daily Contest. As hard as that is to contemplate, this was this indeed happened. No codes, no gimmicks, no shortcuts. He’s followed this up by hitting other 30 unders—including a -34 recently on a different course—but the unthinkable bar has been set at -35.

This score has been matched. Twice.

Texas native “Piano” Steve Dakin has established himself as one of the best players in the game (and like Tirey, he’s also damn good at Golden Tee), and has hit the same magical score on King Putt twice in the past few weeks.

Not once, but twice. And yes, we have the hole-by-hole rundown of his latest game to prove it. Not bad at all, I’d say. Congrats to Steve (both of them).

Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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