The Nature of the Beast
Two Shots, Two Very Different Results That Show Us Golden Tee Isn’t Always Fair

Good shots won’t always be rewarded, and sometimes bad shots (like, REALLY bad shots) will.

This is the nature of Golden Tee, although never have two shots hit on or around the same moment showcased this simple truth so well.

Exhibit A.

Just get it in the fairway, knock your approach close, tap in the putt and move on. It’s really easy and you shouldn’t ha- oh, no. No, no, no. HOW THE [expletive deleted] did that [expletive deleted]-ing happen?

Exhibit B.

You’re going to try and nestle this one in close off the tee, and holy cow did you overcut that by a lot. Yep, that’s going to be a water ball, and that’ll definitely hurt the score – wait, what? Could it? It might… oh my [hugs nearest random stranger causing them to spill their drink].

What did we learn today? Well, clearly you can conclude that… you see, the thing is… well, hopefully your efforts are more along Exhibit B territories.

Somehow, however, I doubt it.

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