Bring it on, Bonnie
Bring Your L-Wedge and Prepare to go Low on This Week’s Classic Course.

Week four of the Classic Course of the Week gives you the opportunity to go low. Really, really low.

Bonnie Moor is the next vintage gem to make its way into the Golden Tee spotlight, and you can expect the leaderboard to be jam-packed with big scores. If you’ve never played it up until this point, now is the perfect time to do so.

Play one game on Bonnie in Stats or Glory Mode and you’ll automatically be included on the online leaderboard. Play as many games as you’d like to improve your score and a bad game won’t hurt you.

See how you stack up against the nation’s best, and perhaps you’ll win some Golden Tees in the process. The top 200 finishers will walk away winners.

Golden Tees Payouts

1st – 250

2nd – 150

3rd – 100

4th – 75

5th – 50

6th-20th – 30

20th-50th – 20

50th-100th – 15

100th-200th – 10

See where you stand on the Classic Course of the Week Leaderboard, and stay tuned for updates on what course will be featured next.

Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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