Is This the Longest Hole-in-One Ever?
Great Shot Points Galore! This Heather Pointe Ace is the Definition of Long Distance

427 yards.

That’s a long way. In fact, just bust out a 3-wood, hit it in the fairway and give yourself a manageable approach for your next shot. In most instances, this would be the proper way to play a two-shot par-4.

What if, however, this two-shot par-4 wasn’t a two-shot par-4?

Our good pal Golden Tee Fan dug up this great YouTube moment and has put some research behind it to boot. The following shot is the longest hole-in-one we’ve seen in the YouTube era and was hit during Heather Pointe’s time as Classic Course of the Week.

We’ve seen efforts over 400 yards; we’ve even seen some that near 420. Not this far, though.

Hello, Great Shot Points.

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