Almost Perfect
Before We Transition to Next Week’s Classic Course, We Examine What Could Have Been

If you’re going to topple Mark Stenmark’s -33 on Rustic Bridge this week – and let’s be totally honest here, you won’t – then you’re going to need a bit of luck. Again, we’re playing hypothetical at this point

This week’s featured Classic Course of the Week is winding down, and soon we will turn our attention to a new course. That course just happens to be… drumroll please… Summit Lakes, a sometimes frozen gem from a few years back.

Before we flip the script, however, let’s celebrate the “Oh my, how did that not go in?!?!” moments of the past seven days.

On Monday, Summit Lakes goes live. Check out the Classic Course of the Week Leaderboard to see how your top score stacks up.

Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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