Denver It Is
Power Events' Massive Tournament Will Bring Out the Best in 2012 and Get a Taste of 2013

The 2012 Denver Open is here, and those planning on attending the event are in for one hell of a weekend.

Outside of the magnificent tournament in store at Jackson’s (more on that in a sec), Golden Tee 2013 will be making the trip to the Rockies and will be played by those in attendance.

Test games have made their way out, and Power Events will also have one in their possession for the long weekend. As if you needed any more reasons to attend.

The festivities get underway Thursday night, although the main event won’t kickoff until Saturday. Power Events will be providing a live stream of the events which we will pass along once the qualifier begins.

On Sunday, the day’s best matches will come to you live, and you will be able to follow along with the tournament as it happens. Oh, how sweet it is.

It should be a fantastic weekend of GT, and good luck and safe travels to everyone making the trip. Stay tuned for much more including a full recap.

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