60% of The Time, It Works All The Time
The Grand Canyon 9th is Conquered by A Formidable Foe

Sticking the Grand Canyon 9th takes confidence. It takes precision. It takes a club with some elevation. And yes, it takes some luck.

Enter: “SEXPANTHER” (the Golden Tee player, just so we’re clear)

The name seems fitting, especially if you’ve ever seen the movie Anchorman. I am assuming you all have because if you haven’t good lord where have you been. If you have or even if you have not, well, here’s the premise behind it, we think.

And now comes the part where Golden Tee comes into the equation. See: Name

To be quite honest, this wouldn’t work 60% of the time, probably not 6% of the time and even .6% seems like a stretch, but keep on keeping on, Sex Panther.

Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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