So Long, 2011
Starting December 1st, Prize Play Will No Longer Be Available on 2011 Courses

For most of you, this likely won’t make much of a difference on your playing habits. For a select few, however, it might.

Prize Play on Golden Tee 2011 courses will be turned off on December 1st. This means that 9-hole, 18-hole, Hole-N-Win and CTTP will be turned off on all cabinets that have NOT been updated to Golden Tee 2012. On Golden Tee 2012 games, the 2011 courses will no longer be available for Prize Play either. Other than that, it will be business as usual and the 2012 courses as well as CTTP on updated games will be up and running.

For those of you that might still be playing on Golden Tee 2011, be sure to alert your location of these changes so they can talk to the amusement operator about potentially updating the game to 2012.

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