Free Golden Tees... in OT
The Race to 25,000 Facebook Fans Has Been Given a Holiday Extension

Our race for 25,000 fans on the GT Facebook Page is getting one extra month, and we’re taking FREE GOLDEN TEES into OT. 

Originally, we hoped the Golden Tee Facebook Page would surpass 25,000 fans or “likes” by December 1st. While we made significant progress, we blame turkey and football on the fact that we came up short. Now, we’re hoping the holiday season will equate to more fans on Facebook, and that we’ll be able to celebrate the start of 2012 by giving away more than 600,000 FREE GOLDEN TEES!

If the Golden Tee Facebook Page hits 25,000 fans by January 1st, every fan on the page will earn 25 tees for their virtual golfer! To reach this milestone number, however, we need your help.

Spread the word and share this IMPORTANT information at any/all of your holiday gatherings. While Christmas presents are nice, 25 FREE GOLDEN TEES is the stocking stuffer you need!

[dead air]

But seriously, visit, “Like” the page and you’re all set. We’ll also be giving away plenty of potential holiday GT gifts between now and the end of the month, which you won’t want to miss.

Stay tuned to for updates on how we’re plugging along and be sure to tell your friends!

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