Design-a-Hole Finalist #8: Skinny Green #17
Here's your next DAH finalist!

We're back with #8 of the top ten 2023 Design-a-Hole finalists, Skinny Green #17 by Alan Phillips!

8. Skinny Green #17

"This is a links-style sand dune hole that is a par 4. Nothing ultra crazy, but the focus of this hole is the skinny green which should be no more than 50 feet wide. The fairway bunkers should be 10-20 feet lower than the fairway. The green should be approximately 15 feet higher than the average fairway height. The dunes to the right of the fairway should be around the same height as the fairway. The dunes to the left of the fairway should be 20-30 feet lower than the fairway. Back Tee is 456 Yards, Middle Tee is 361 Yards, and the Forward Tee is 336 Yards. Anyone trying to drive this par 4 should be afraid of the 4 bunkers surrounding the hole, which are deep. For those that lay up, they will have to pinpoint their landing to get an ideal attack angle on such a narrow green. This hole doesn't have to be hole #17, but I just wanted the name to rhyme. If it does get put as hole 13-18, then the name should match that hole number.”

Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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