GTM Events of the Week (9/6/2022)
Need an after Labor Day weekend pick me up? Look no further!

Hope everyone had a fun and safe Labor Day weekend!

Nothing says "welcome back" like another week's worth of GTM Events! You have three separate days to look forward to!

Here's a brief recap of what all we have going this week:

For Monday Mix-Up, the course of the day was Central Park's own, Rustic Bridge! Seeing how well you can navigate the big city with a 9-hole course full of mix-ups and mayhem!

Following Monday's Event, will be our Daily Contest at a Canadian Classic, Elkhorn Ridge. A day's worth of 18-holes with varying prize pools/entries. So make sure to keep your eyes peeled!

To end the week off strong, we'll have a freaky twist to your "regular" 9-hole games. Without giving TOO MUCH away, we can assure you that these tough par-5 holes will challenge even the most fearless players!

Well, that's all we have for ya this week! Let us know what you think of these Events in everyone's favorite mobile gam, and we'll keep you updated on what next week has in store!


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