Design-a-Hole Top 3 Finalist
Peninsula Point by Brian Puro

We're down to our Top 3 2023 Design-a-Hole finalist submission reveals, and we're nearly ready to crown this year's first place winner! Remember, the talented individual that takes the top spot in the competition will have their work featured in Golden Tee 2023 AND will earn their very own Golden Tee PGA TOUR Home Edition!

We'll reveal the final placement of these top 3 entries beginning this Thursday, so be sure to stay tuned to LIVEWIRE and our social media channels for the latest DAH announcements! Here we go!

Top Three Finalist #1: Peninsula Point by Brian Puro

“This challenging par 4 is made even more difficult due to the stiff ocean breeze. The riskiest players will elect to go for it all, aiming directly at the incredibly tight, sloping green. However in order to stick the landing you will have to hit it perfectly.

Risk averse players will elect to go for one of the 6 layup areas. The farther the layup area from the tee box the smaller the landing areas get - meaning the riskier your first shot the easier your second will be. Players that are able to land it on one of the 2 farther areas will have a direct shot at the hole. 

Players may even get lucky, landing an errant shot on the middle strip of land that connects it all.”

Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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