Our Next Design-a-Hole Top 3 Finalist
The Canyon by Brad Tuttle

We're back with our second Top 3 2023 Design-a-Hole finalist submission reveal, as we near the crowing of this year's Design-a-Hole first place winner! Again, this year's top spot will earn themselves legendary GT status, having their design featured in Golden Tee 2023 AND a Golden Tee PGA TOUR Home Edition to call their own!

We'll reveal the last Top 3 finisher tomorrow, with final placement announcements beginning this Thursday! Stay tuned to LIVEWIRE and our social media channels for the latest DAH and Golden Tee announcements!

Top Three Finalist #2: The Canyon by Brad Tuttle

“This drivable par-4 will challenge you to navigate over the river as it winds through the steep canyon walls. If you’re feeling confident, a skillful bend of your ball off the tee may get you on the green putting for eagle, but any errant tee shot spells trouble. Laying up is always an option, but make sure to avoid the fairway sand traps!”

Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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