Last Design-a-Hole Top 3 Finalist
Winding Creek by Alan Phillips

Here is your third and last Top 3 2023 Design-a-Hole finalist submission reveal, and our final placement announcements will begin tomorrow! As you well know, this year's DAH winner will have their design featured in Golden Tee 2023 AND win a Golden Tee PGA TOUR Home Edition!

Congrats to all of our finalists, and we'll see you again tomorrow with more DAH news!

Top Three Finalist #3: Winding Creek by Alan Phillips

“This hole is a par-4 that features creeks that funnel into a lake.

The green is a tiered green with the long real skinny portion in the upper tier, and the smaller portion in the lower tier.

Fairway near the bunker slopes toward the fairway bunkers, and away from the bunkers slope toward the creeks/lake.”

Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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