That's a Wrap From Vegas
Congratulations to Mark Stenmark on Winning the Golden Tee World Championship

LAS VEGAS – First and foremost, thank you.

Thank you to all of you who made the trip to Hi Scores in lovely Las Vegas—a gracious and spectacular host—to compete in the Golden Tee 2017 World Championship. What a weekend it was. And thank you to Mark Stenmark, your Golden Tee World Champion, for putting on one hell of a show.

Thank you to Richard King of Golden Tee TV for streaming the action to you live on YouTube and Facebook—more on that in a moment. And to Russ Layton and Steve Sobel of Power Vending for helping us run a smooth weekend-long event.

Thank you to those who didn’t make the trip but watched online, or to those who attempted to qualify, the energy and personality that we love about Golden Tee all came out in a three-day stretch during the biggest event of the year.

Thank you for caring about the greatest game ever made, no matter what role you played during the weekend. In the coming days, we will have a much larger recap, more pictures, more photos and more information on a brilliant weekend. For now, you can watch the entire YouTube of the event below; fast-forward to the 4-hour and 36-minute mark if you want to watch Mark Stenmark take down Joe Massara (great playing, JoJo!) in the finals match.

Time to pack up and head home. Thanks once again to Hi Scores for having us. Stay tuned to for much, much more.

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