Design-a-Hole contest is down to 3!
Winner announced on Friday

Last week we showed off all 10 finalists in the 2018 Design-a-Hole contest.  Today we are revealing the top 3, with the winner being announced on Friday.

The winning design become playable in Golden Tee 2018, as well as the designer will receive their very own Golden Tee Home Edition and a year of online play FREE.  That’s over $4,000 in value!

That means our winner will get to enjoy their Golden Tee creation in their basement or man cave.  They will also get the chance to design their very own special Freaky Friday course to be played on the Daily Contest!

Congratulations to our three finalists in the 2018 Design-a-Hole contest (in no particular order). 

Design-a-Hole Finalist No. 1: Booker's Bumps

Booker's Bumps

This 350 yard Par 4 that provides challenge but also some opportunity for that really great shot.

This hole offers beautiful curves to explore with multiple elevation changes around the features that make this hole fun to play. The conservative player might have a hard time deciding their approach since what seems like the safest way to reach the green in 2 for a birdie opportunity, might easily land them in the rough, in a sand trap, or facing a retaining wall encompassing a mound with full, mature trees. It requires accuracy and patience (and some cooperation from the wind).  


If the player willing to take the bigger risk and go for the green in 1 ends up close to but short of the green, they will face the same problem of facing a retaining wall on the tee side of the green. This would require a blind shot to the elevated green that slopes down and away from the tee. 


Design-a-Hole Finalist No. 6: Rock Garden

Rock Garden is a drivable par 4 with a big risk reward option. Players choosing to go for the green from the tee box must avoid trees and shoot between a gap in the tall rock walls guarding the green. One unique quality of rock garden is its U shaped green with a big rock protrusion in the middle.

Although the gap in the rock wall in front of the green must be hit in between and may not be hit over the protrusion on the green may be hit over. Be careful though, balls hitting the protrusion may bounce back, forward or to the side into the water. Players shooting for the fairway from the tee must still avoid trees and hit between a larger gap in a rock wall. All red arrows represent downhill slopes. 


Design-a-Hole Finalist No. 7: The Old Mill

Welcome to The Old Mill, a short Par 4 located along the Pine Creek in Wildcat Den State Park. A very scenic hole with a small bridge crossing, a gazebo overlooking the creek and the star of the show, The Old Mill. This drivable Par 4 will test your shotmaking ability if you go for the green off the tee. A direct shot from the white tees is only 250yds but standing between you and the green is The Old Mill.

A 3 story lumber mill that is powered by Pine Creek. It will be the biggest challenge because it will take a high lofted club and a lot of spin to keep the ball on the green. There's no shame in playing down the fairway and setting up a short shot back across the creek. Just don't drive the ball too far or you'll end up on a stone walkway that sits at the end of the fairway. Shots that don't go as planned could wind up on the beach across from the green, in the green side bunker, or most likely, in the water. The green slopes away from The Old Mill and is also guarded by a rocky hillside along the right.

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