What's It Gonna Be?
With the Debut of Custom Putters in Golden Tee 2017, You Now Have Options


For the first time in the history of Golden Tee, you have complete control of what you putt with. Long gone are the days of some sort of simple, soundless, plain flat stick. We’re changing that in 2017, and now is the time to ensure you are using one of six new creations.

To access our custom putters, download the GT Caddy app for your Apple and Android device. Update it if you’re already using it.

From there, head to the Pro Shop. It’s here you’ll see the Custom Putter slot. Oh, your entire world is about to change.

In 2017, you have access to seven different putters. Those putters are as follows:

Sweet Tooth: For holiday enthusiast, play Golden Tee with a candy cane at all times.

Pinky: Putt with a flamingo, and please don’t tell PETA we’re telling you this.

One-Timer: For slap shot enthusiasts, here is your chance to bring hockey to the golf course.

The Selfie: You’ve always wanted to sink a birdie with a selfie stick, right? RIGHT?

12-Gauge: The joys of having a shotgun pointed at your round during a soothing round of golf.

Rain Maker: No matter the weather, you’ll always have your umbrella handy.

Kick-Axe: The name says it all. This axe rocks.

These are your options. For now. In time, there will be more.

Each putter comes with its distinct look and sound. It’s a way to express yourself even more, and it only costs a buck.

What are you waiting for? Download the GT Caddy today and change the way you play on the greens.

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