It's Time to Find!
More Than 3,500 Golden Tee Games Have Been Updated Nationwide

It is a Thursday, which is an amazing day during the week. Historically, Thursday has always been a day celebrated by Golden Tee players around the country. It’s a chance to cut out a bit early, head to your local watering hole and kick back a few games.

Now that 2017 is out, there is no better day to follow protocol. More than 3,500 Golden Tee cabinets have been updated. Players are setting up their own private contests—Player Invitationals—on the GT Caddy.  Download this for your Apple or Android device if you haven’t yet.

On the Caddy, you will also be able to track down a 2017 near you using Find a Game. Put your in location, map about the search area, take advantage of the GPS functionality and more. We’ll tell you where the game is and then take you right to it.

It’s a beautiful thing, really. And with more games being updated every single hour, the Golden Tee 2017 goodness is spreading rapidly.

So cut out a little early. Break out your GT Caddy and celebrate the start of a new year in style. 


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