CTTP Online Comes to 2017!
One of the Most Exciting Game Modes in Golden Tee is Getting a New Way to Play

So you want to play Golden Tee, but you only have a few minutes. It’s last call or your wife or girlfriend is ready to leave. You’re tired, but not ready to end your Golden Tee evening just yet.

And you don’t want to putt, either, because you’re bad at it or simply doesn’t sound good in the moment. You also don’t feel like competing for prizes. You just want a couple of cracks at nailing a hole-in-one before you head home. Simple enough.

If you have been this person before, the following bit of news should be welcoming: Closest to the Pin is getting an online game mode in Golden Tee 2017, meaning you can compete in this familiar format in an exciting new way.

CTTP, of course, was already playable in Prize Play. Last year it got a Casual mode, too. But this is both a sign of a) the interest in this fun, simple game mode and b) an answer to your calls for more. This is the perfect balance of both worlds.

You can monitor your progress, compete against others in 50-man contests and work on your tee shots, all at the same time. You can use your clubs, balls and tees—wearing that same goofy outfit your character loves to wear—which is why this is such a lovely, welcomed addition.

It’s way to compete. It’s way to track progress. It’s the perfect game mode for a big group and varying skill levels. Above all, it’s fun. You have nine shots to get it closest or hopefully in the cup.

And it’s all happening in Golden Tee 2017.


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