The Final Fling
Celebrate the End of Golden Tee 2016 With Two Monster Contests in One Day!

In the not-too-distant future, the baton will be handed off. Golden Tee 2016 will give way to Golden Tee 2017 at the end of the month, and we will shift focus to new courses, new features and new game modes. It’s all quite exciting and coming quickly.

But before we do, we’re going to go out with a bang. We’re going to go out with the Final Fling.

On Wednesday, September 14, we will have a blowout. Two massive events in one day. We will add $500 to both Money $hot and the Daily Contest.

The starting prize pool for the Money $hot will kick off at $1,300. The Daily Contest will kick off at $1,600, and it will be played on the lovely Glacier Ranch. Yes, the same Glacier Ranch with a drivable par-5.

As play goes up, these pools will grow. The more games that are played, the higher these payouts will increase.

You have between 12:01 a.m. and 11:59 p.m. to play as many games as you wish on both game modes. And you should play both. One, Money $hot, can be won with a single shot. The other, Daily Contest, will take 18 solid holes.

There will be 700 combined winners that day, all enjoying prizes above the norm. Golden Tee 2016 will not simply go quietly into that good night.

We’re going out with a bang with the Final Fling. Be there next Wednesday!


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