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On This Special #fashionFriday, we Debut Our First-Ever Virtual Clothing Trailer

It’s one thing to show you pictures of some of the exciting new clothing options coming your way in Golden Tee 2017, something we’ve done extensively each week with #fashionFRIDAY stories and other important pieces of internet material.

It’s another to show you a video showcase of exactly how much awesomeness is headed your way this year. That’s what we’re about to do.

Now, I have worked at Golden Tee for nearly a decade. I have helped out on plenty of preview materials over the years. I can honestly say that a) we have never dedicated an entire video to clothing in that time and b) we have never made something so unique and fabulous.

Here, on a special moving pictures #fashionFRIDAY, is a look at the 2017 collection. 

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