Build Your Own Ball in GT 2017
An Exciting New Way to Customize What You Play is Coming Soon

In Golden Tee 2017, Build-a-Bag gets a buddy.

Sure, we already changed the game this past year. We made it possible for you to create your own club set from scratch. You responded by embracing your inner mad scientist, creating an abundance of new club sets for the 2016 courses.

Soon, you will do the same for the five new 2017 courses—each quipped with their own equipment quirks. Go wild.

But you will also have the option to build your own golf thanks to, you guessed it, Build-a-Ball.

The name of the feature tells you pretty much everything you need to know. A new world of equipment customization is now yours. Using the GT Caddy app—which you really need to download for your Apple or Android device—you’ll be able to modify the golf ball you play moving forward.

We’ll show you a video of exactly how below, so feel free to power to that if you’re into cool content and bad jokes.

For those of you still reading, you will have three separate options when it comes to customization: ball color, attributes and effect.

Ball color is exactly what it sounds like. No longer a prisoner to a handful of options, you can now pick from red, blue, pink and more. If you want to play a stealth black golf ball, you can do this also. (It looks awesome.)

When it comes to attributes, you’ll have the option to select from any golf ball we have ever created in LIVE. Want to play Grabbers? This is the part where you select the ball type with the specific traits you would like to have for a specific course or playing style. Pick out the ball and you’re almost done.

The last part is certainly the most intriguing. For the first time in Golden Tee history, we’re adding effects to tee shots.

If you have always wondered what Golden Tee would be like with fireworks or poker chips or money coming out the back of your golf ball—trailing behind—you will now know in Golden Tee 2017.

These effects will show up 18 times a game. (Only off the tee.) You don’t have to select them if you don’t want, but we suggest you give them a try. They are fun, will have no impact on the shot itself and will look amazing on long aces.

What you create is completely up to you. But in Golden Tee 2017, you will have more opportunities to customize your game to fit your style.

Don’t just take our word for it; here’s how Build a Ball will work! 


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