Introducing Freaky Fridays
Have You Ever Wanted to Play an All-Par-5 Course? In 2017, You Have That Chance

I have been anxiously waiting to write this news story, and the very process of putting these words down on paper gives me great joy. Although there are more significant features in Golden Tee 2017—mainly Player Invitationals, which will change the way the game is played—no feature has me personally more excited than Freaky Fridays.

What is Freaky Fridays, you ask?

As the name might imply, this will be a Friday event on Golden Tee 2017. It will take place on the Daily Contest, which will serve as our fun creative hub. That’s the nuts and bolts of the whole thing. But it’s not what makes it freaky.

This is.

For the first time in the history of Golden Tee, we have the ability and medium to piece together 18-hole courses using the entire LIVE library - more than 10 years of courses. That’s right. Every single Friday, starting on October 21, a few weeks after 2017 launches, you will be able to play unique golf course complete different from anything you have ever seen before.

Having this luxury is one thing. Using it in a way to push the game in ways it has never been pushed before is another. The all-par-3 course is coming. The all-par-5 course is coming, too. All drivable par-4s. The best of a certain year. Jim Zielinski’s favorites. The hardest holes. A course you eventually vote on.

And so, so much more.

These are the things we’re thinking about at this very moment. We’re scripting all 18 holes for all of the creations as we speak. Then, a few week after 2017 launches and the appropriate amount of games have been updated, we will unveil our first exciting Freaky Friday in a year loaded with magnificent creations.

Oh, the new courses will be the highlight. But the excitement surrounding these amazing creations will have a partner in crime. Freaky Fridays will give you an authentic, themed 18-hole experience every single week that you will be able to master, and the end result will be spectacular.

And freaky. That too.


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