Custom Putters are Coming to 2017!
A Look at This Amazing Addition, and How Your Short Game is About to Change

In terms of fun and general weirdness, no feature in Golden Tee 2017 is more important than this one. I say this because, having seen what Golden Tee is like with an axe or flamingo in hand, I can honestly tell you that it will never be the same.

Yes, the days of using a boring ol’ putter on the green are ending this moment. No more. Right now.

In Golden Tee 2017, you will have the option to play with seven new putters—all of which are spectacular in nature, all of which are highlighted in the video below.

You can putt with a hockey stick. Putt with a flamingo. A shotgun. A selfie stick (for real) and more.

These putters won’t do anything out of the ordinary from a competitive standpoint. They won’t give you more power or finally address all of those right-twos you have missed. But they will change up your look and feel, and we believe you are going to absolutely LOVE what you see. Again, really, really awesome.

They will also make a distinct sound on contact, which is something you will enjoy exploring,.

They allow you to embrace your inner character. If you have always wanted to have a shotgun pointed at your groin when you putt, by golly, this is for you.

To equip your putter, you’re going to want to use the GT Caddy on your Apple or Android device. Download it now if you haven’t already. It’ll also be available on LIVEWIRE.

Each putter costs a buck—that’s it—and will default to your club set for that course. If you have different bags equipped for different courses, your putter will follow along until you switch to another one.

To show how to get your putters in 2017—and also to show you the full gauntlet of putters that will be soon be at your fingertips.


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