It's Gotta Be the Shoes (or Slippers)
For Our Latest #fashionFriday, We Explore 2017's Enormous New Footwear Additions

Before Golden Tee 2017, we had 38 pairs to shoes to pick from. It’s worth noting that many of these footwear items debuted last year. But all of that is about to change.

The number of shoes in Golden Tee is going to more than double. That’s right. In the upcoming update, we’ve created more than 60 (!!!) new footwear items for you to wear.

I say footwear, because artist artist/animator Aaron Schmid has completely changed the way footwear will be viewed now and moving forward.

“I’m most excited about this, because I was able to take them from the beginning to the end,” Schmid said. “There are a lot of really fun items this year, and the best part is that we’re only scratching the surface on what we can do.”

Of the more than 60 items included in the new update, you will find some shoes. But your golfer will also be able to play simply in socks. We’ve added multiple colors for you to pick from. It is weird, peculiar and amazing.

We won’t judge you for simply wearing socks on the golf course. In fact, we encourage it. Just watch your step.

We’ve added to the fun items we dabbled with last year, which included the option to play with dinosaur feet. Sure.

For the classy dad out here yelling at people in the golf course, you’ll be able to play in loafers. There is a new assortment of dress shoes—some classy, some extreme—for you to pick from as well.

For the son begrudgingly joining his father for a little golf, there is the option to wear slippers. These, quite simply, are amazing.

Or if you want to make dad really mad, you can wear flippers.

Or rain boots.

Or psychedelic monkey feet. (I am not joking about this.)

Or any of the other unique items coming your way, and there are plenty.

You have so many options—more than ever before. Only in Golden Tee 2017.


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