Game. Changer.
Invitationals Are Coming to Golden Tee 2017, and the Game Will Never be the Same

Consider this an introduction. Not a colossal tutorial—that’ll come soon. Not an uber-specific video walkthrough of the treasures to come—that will also come soon. Not even a thorough breakdown of how precisely your Golden Tee life is about to change for the better. Also, you guessed it, coming soon.

This is, quite simply, an exciting and groundbreaking hello.

Typically when we lead up to the launch of a new update, we bury the good stuff. We wait until the time is right and then dump all the greatness on you shortly before launch.

Not here. Not this time. We can’t wait any longer.

So I suppose I’ll start with this; the simplest way to outline one of the most exciting new features and additions in the history of the game you love: In Golden Tee 2017, you’ll be able to create your own private contests and events.

YOU control who you play, where you play and when you play. Oh, and what you play for. Let’s not forget about that.

We’re calling it Invitationals. That’s the name you’ll hear on this website extensively until the game launches in the end of September. It’s the text you’ll see on Golden Tee 2017, right next to the other game modes you have grown to love.

Welcome to a new world. Welcome to a world where you have complete control of your online competitive experiences.

Using the GT Caddy app—and goodness, if you haven’t downloaded it now for your Apple or Android device you will want to do so immediately—you will be able to create your own playable contests that will be waiting for you on the cabinet.

A few notes about these contests as you process the news. You will be able to create contests between two and 10 players. Play a buddy, play lots of ‘em. You will be able to use Golden Tee handicaps if you please; that’s up to you and your playing partners.

You will be able to pick the course—any creation from the LIVE era (or just pick random).

Yes, you will be able to play for prizes (in states that allow this mode of play). You will be able to select the prize pool—up to $50. You’ll even be able to determine the payout structure and whether these contest reoccur weekly.

You will have first and last say, and you will also be able to open up multiple contests with multiple groups at one time. You will control it all through your app or on, and then be able to take your hard work to the cabinet.

Want to play your buddy in Florida in a private, head-to-head matchup for glory? Have a weekly foursome you want to coordinate for a fun little bit of Player Wallet coin? Set it up, select the Invitational option on your 2017 game, and you’ll be able to select from all of your current contests waiting to be played.

How you use Invitationals is completely up to you, although we’re empowering the player like never before.

We have so much more to show you—including the catalyst of this movement, Golden Tee’s very own social network—that we will unveil tomorrow. But for now, know this: the game is about to change.

A massive jolt of energy is coming to Golden Tee 2017, and you best prepare accordingly. 


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