It’s Time to Celebrate
Enjoy the Holiday Weekend and Also Our Independence Day Giveaway Code

July 4th is a glorious day. It’s a day about country, about people you care for, about food you enjoy and a drink to go with it. It’s a day that grown men can, without hesitations, come within seconds and inches of blowing off limbs due to poor firework/fuse management.

In summary, it’s a great American day.


We here at Golden Tee want you to appreciate this day for exactly what it is, safely, of course. To help get you in the spirit, we’re providing a new Holiday Giveaway Code. And yes, it is magnificently American.

To unlock this special Independence Day shirt, simply visit your local Golden Tee 2015 cabinet, play a LIVE game and hit the options button. Highlight and select Giveaway Code at any moment of your game and enter in the following.


That’s it. Once you do that, you will unlock a piece of virtual America. Throw it on and show off just how 'MERICA you are.

Have a wonderful, safe 4th of July, and enjoy the gear.

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