Independence Day Swag
The 4th of July Giveaway Code is LIVE in Golden Tee 2015!

Celebrate the 4th of July looking the part—in a wonderful new shirt that screams ‘Merica, literally.

Yes, we want you having the appropriate gear on this week. We want you to take part in our special Daily Contest event this Thursday, where, for the first time ever, we will add $1,000 to the prize pool.

But most of all, we want you looking good. And our latest Golden Tee Giveaway Code allows you to do just that and wear ‘Merica on your sleeve.

To unlock this special Independence Day shirt, simply visit your local Golden Tee 2015 cabinet, play a LIVE game and hit the options button. Highlight and select Giveaway Code at any moment of your game and enter in the following.


That’s it. Once you do that, you will unlock a piece of virtual America. Enjoy it this week or whenever you please.

We’re not done! We still have one more Giveaway item left in 2016! Stay tuned to

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