Sneak Peek at GT 2016: Part Three
By Golly, We're Getting Tropical

Behind the scenes, magic is happening.

Decisions are being made. Objects are being constructed. Hazards are being born. Greens are taking shape. The Golden Tee 2016 courses are inching closer to completion. And now, thankfully, we get to show a portion of what we’ve been doing since the latest version of the game last launched.

More specifically, we get to show you pieces of the five masterpieces that will be coming your way this fall. We won’t get into specific locations just yet—we’ll allow you to exhaust all creative outlets as you look these designs over, one per day over the next five days. In time, we’ll get to their specific homes. In fact, soon enough we’ll be exploring all of the unbelievable additions coming to Golden Tee 2016. Keep in mind, these courses are still in their early stages.

There is still work to be done, landscape to be added and tweaks to be made before their ready for prime time. But they are getting closer.

Our latest look brings us to a gorgeous bit of paradise. It also marks the return of an element that has been reborn in 2016.

There is still more to come. Stay tuned to

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