Turkey Time
Celebrating the Best in Golden Tee Thanksgiving Giveaway Codes

Being able to wear a turkey on your head while playing golf is every person’s dream. And although this gets complicated in the real world—with uncooperative rangers ready to halt such practices—Golden Tee is here to make such strange course requests come true.

We are in the homestretch for Thanksgiving, which means it’s time to revisit two classic Giveaway Codes to celebrate this joyous holiday.

First, the turkey (seen above): To unlock this amazing headwear item, simply press 28F00D2013 at any point during a Golden Tee LIVE game. Hit the options button at any point in a game, select “Giveaway Code” put in 28F00D2013, and you’ll have access to this item.

You can also unlock the pilgrim outfit, which has been around a while longer. To get the shirt and pants—to go along with the hat that is already available in the game—simply type in 13FEEDF00D twice. (Once for the shirt and once for the pants.)

Although these items aren’t new, they might be new to many of you. As for those of you looking for new 2015 gear, you won’t have to wait much longer. Another certain holiday approaches, and you will not want to miss what’s ahead.

Gobble Gobble.

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