Get the Globe
The Fabulous, Spinning Earth Day Giveaway Code is LIVE!

We here at Golden Tee love this great planet. And to celebrate our love of earth, we’re doing a trackball first: giving away an awesome new headwear item—maybe the coolest item we’ve ever created—in honor of Earth Day.

Wednesday, April 22 is Earth Day, although we want you to celebrate our home early and forever. The Golden Tee 2016 Earth Day Giveaway Code is live, and it gives you the opportunity to wear a globe on your head.

Oh, but that’s not even the best part. No, really.

You ready for this…


I Repeat: It Spins.

Just play any LIVE game, hit the options button, select “Giveaway Code” and enter 3404220422 and you’ll instantly unlock this rare piece of moving Golden Tee excellence. Find the spinning earth under headwear, throw it on and let the casual rotations sooth your game.

We hope you enjoy the latest code, although we’re not done. We still have more items to giveaway in 2016—stay tuned to!

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