V-Day Giveaways
Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeves, Head and Legs

Valentine’s Day is about flowers, chocolate, overpriced meals, wine and candles. That’s fine. We get that. But for the Golden Tee user looking to enhance their February 14 experience—please take that sentence for what you will—here’s another tremendous suggestion.

Put on your new virtual V-Day boxers and play Golden Tee.



The boxers, our latest giveaway item, is free. All you have to do is visit any Golden Tee LIVE 2015 game, hit the options button during any LIVE contest and select “Giveaway Code.” From there, enter 40FEB14FEB and you’ll unlock a one-of-a-kind item that will certainly impress all of the single women in the bar. This is a real sentence someone wrote. I just did.

And that’s not all. If you don’t have the other Valentine’s Day items that have been in the game for some time, you can unlock these as well. Just enter 06BABEBABE three separate times to unlock the entire outfit: Pants, shirt and hat.

There you have it. Four romantic items for your pleasure. Regardless of what your Valentine’s Day plans are this weekend, enjoy the heart-centric gear. The ladies will love it.

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