Pearl Pinballin'
A Creative Road Map to the Green Has Been Taken to a Another Level

There are various ways to get to the green on Pearl Lagoon No. 5.

Directionally, there are only two ways—you can go left of the trees in front or right of these trees, and often times we go left to avoid trouble. But as we’ve just recently seen, and you’re about to witness below, going right of these trees can be a much more adventurous, YouTube-molding way to approach this—especially when you pinball off the elements.

Sure you could just travel the water and do this the ol’ fashion way; but you could also try a different approach entirely and, perhaps, get magnificent results. There's an alternative to these results we simply refuse to explore.

You’ll be seeing this shot again on your local Golden Tee 2015 cabinet, that much is certain. Do not try this at home. 

Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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