Bring GT Home for the Holidays
Our Holiday Sale is Here; $300 Off and Free Shipping!

The slow saunter into the holiday season has suddenly become a brisk jog. As Thanksgiving inches closer, the need to track down the perfect gift—for either yourself or a loved one—has suddenly become a reality.

Enter the Golden Tee Home Edition, which is $300 off and comes your way with free shipping if the order is placed before December 25.

The interest in the greatest arcade game ever made has been significant, and as a result, the Golden Tee elves are already working overtime. Although there is still time to ensure your game arrives comfortably ahead of the big day, that won’t always be the case. As interest grows—and it will continue to blossom—our elves will simply run out of time.

(Translation: If you’re ready to order or even thinking about ordering, now is a better time than any.)

Getting a good deal on Golden Tee is one thing, but the game itself—rich with features, course and more—is where the value is realized. With the Golden Tee 2015 Home Edition, you’ll be able to play online. Compete against your friends from around the country with your golfer—along with your equipment—and track your progress along the way.

You’ll have access to all 50 Golden Tee LIVE courses ever creates and be able to upload your finest moments to YouTube. And yes, you’ll even have access to the all-new King of the Hill game mode, the perfect way to determine the best player under your roof.

For a full rundown of features in the Home Edition, visit You’ll also be able to track down pricing options and read up on the benefits off going online.

If you’ve already heard enough or want more information, please contact us. We’ll take your order or answer any questions you might have.

Happy shopping.

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