The Most Interesting Hole in 2015
Exploring Desert Valley No. 6, Your Ultimate Vegas Gamble

It is unlike any hole Golden Tee has seen. It is remarkably simple and gives you a sense that a hole-in-one is possible each time through. And yet, Hole 6 on Desert Valley—the shortest par-3 in the update—is also a thinking man’s golf hole, the kind of design that you will stew over for a while simply because your options are endless.

You’ll have somewhere between 40 and 70 yards on this par-3, just a simple wedge into the green. (Well, maybe, and we’ll to that.) Regardless of what club you play, the possibilities of walking away with a one or far better here than they are any other hole. In fact, this might be the most scoreable hole in the history of the game.

That’s not to say it’s a guarantee. There are a handful of situations where this design will be made difficult due to a) wind b) pin placement and/or c) distance gap between clubs. There’s also this: You’re going to want to be aggressive here—it’s inevitable—and such aggression could result in a ball of the green, and thus, a par rather than a birdie or better.

How is this hole being tackled early on? After digging through the YouTube archives, we’ve unearthed a handful of ways to play. From the conservative and obvious to the downright creative, here is what players are doing to walk away with a one on Hole 6.


You can play the wind all nat-ur-al, albeit into a tough pin placement.


You can go at it with Bite and have it spin in, ever so slightly.


You can use backspin.


You can just dunk it in.


You can chip it in with an iron.


And yes, you can even "chip" it in with a fairway wood.


The risk on these shots will vary. Chipping at it with a low-lofted club is obviously much more dangerous than floating in a wedge and securing birdie. If you feel confident enough, however, it’s not a bad way to play it.

Regardless of how you play, you have options. And you also have a really good opportunity to walk away with an early ace. Vegas, baby.



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