Your Mission Remains: Find 2015
Have You Played the Latest and Greatest in Golden Tee Yet? If Not, We Need to Change That

As it stands at Beer O’Clock—aka sometime in the midafternoon on Friday—more than 8,700 Golden Tee cabinets have been updated for Golden Tee 2015. We still have a ways to go until the process is complete, but we’re getting there.

More games are being updated every minute, and soon 2015 will be found in just about everywhere. If you’ve been feverishly refreshing the Find a Game page on or the GT Caddy, you’re not alone. Since launch, you’ve also probably noticed a significant uptick in games near you.

And if for some reason you haven’t found a game or played Golden Tee 2015 for that matter, well, we need to change that immediately. Just look at your watch or cellphone; it’s Beer O’Clock.

(It doesn’t matter when you’re reading this, it’s always Beer O’Clock.)

So visit the refurbished Find a Game on or download the GT Caddy for your Android device. Track down a game, perhaps give the all-new Daily Contest a spin or two, or more and tackle the most scoreable courses in the history of Golden Tee.

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