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Golden Tee World Rankings Make the Move to 2015

We’ve officially turned the page. A new era of Golden Tee World Rankings is here.

With October upon us, somehow, the GT World Rankings have reset and are now looking for your best scores on the five Golden Tee 2015 courses. Sparkling Waters, Desert Valley, Celtic Shores Pearl Lagoon and Rocky Hollow… you’re up.

If you’re new to the World Ranking action, have no fear. Here’s how to get your rank.

-Play each 2015 course once in a given month and you will then be included in the rankings. Once you have played each course, your BEST games on each will then be averaged together to give you your overall leaderboard ranking. Only your best game on each course will count towards your overall ranking, meaning a bad game won't hurt you.

-Play as many games as you'd like throughout the month to try and improve your positioning or boost your ranking from the previous month. Great Shot Points will be used as a tiebreaker when players have the same five-game average score.

-Once you're on the leaderboard, you can find yourself by typing in your Persona ID or search through the various pages listed near the bottom. You may also click on each name on the leaderboard, including your own, for a more detailed view of their statistics for that month. At the end of each month, the leaderboard will reset and the process will begin all over again.

Your ranking can be found on the Online Leaderboard or at the payment screen at your Golden Tee 2015 cabinet. Whether you’re looking to become the best in the world, the best of your buddies or the best in your bar, you now have your chance.

Bookmark the leaderboard and good luck on the new courses!

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