Daily Debut: 2.0
The Daily Contest Will Now Pay AT LEAST 300 Winners and $1,000 Each Day!

It’s amazing what you can accomplish in a day.

Earlier I told you exactly how the Daily Contest—Golden Tee 2015’s all-new game mode—was going to work. I reminded you that, over the course of 24 hours, you could play as many times as you’d like to better your score on the same conditions. I also shared the new Daily Contest Leaderboard and reminded you that this incredible resource is available on your Golden Tee Caddy (which you should update or download).

None of this has changed. The fundamental nature of the Daily Contest—along with the necessary resources to stay current on the latest happenings—is very much intact.

But the $500 prize pool for these contests is no more. How does $1,000 sound instead?

 Instead of paying the top 100 finishers each day, the top 300 will now walk away winners. That’s right; we’re doubling the money and TRIPLING the total winners. And it all starts on Thursday.

The prize pool/payouts can still grow as more play comes in, and it almost certainly will as more games are updated around the country. As for the payouts that each day will begin with, here is the updated list.

1st: $50

2nd: $40

3rd: $30

4th: $25

5th: $20

6th-10th: $12

11th-20th: $10

21st-30th: $8

31st-50th: $6

51st-75th: $4

76th-100th: $3

101st-200th: $2

201st-300th: $1

Why would we change it? Why not?

We’re thrilled about the latest and greatest in the world of Golden Tee and think this competitive new game mode will ignite an exciting new era of prize play.

Find a game near you, select Daily Contest, swipe your card, and you can walk away a big winner. With thousands each week, your chances to cash big on the new courses—one to be selected at random each day—just increased.

Happy 2015.

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