Shoot, Save and Share
We Want to See Your 2015 Golden Tee Great Shots!

And... we’re off.

Golden Tee LIVE 2015 is here, which means you are aggressively searching Find a Game to track down the nearest updated cabinet.

Eventually, you will succeed in your search. Perhaps you have already. When you do, you will be greeted to an exciting new buffet of features, game modes and enhancements. You will also have access to an exciting new era of Golden Tee Great Shots, and we cannot wait to see what kind of shots you can muster up.

Shots like this one, a lovely little effort on Sparkling Waters to close out the round.

Or this lovely double eagle on Rocky Hollow.

We want to see your Golden Tee Great Shots on 2015! Post ‘em here, post ‘em on Facebook, post ‘em on Twitter—just post them. ‘Shots of the Week’ are indeed back and better than ever, and we want to kick this year’s installment off in style.

So hit the shot and share! And, of course, happy 2015!

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