2015 Diaries: Trailer Dates and New Screens
Find Out When You’ll See the New Courses in Action, PLUS More New Images!

We begin with some news. If all goes well over the next week, the 2015 Course Preview Trailers will debut on Monday, July 28. The plan is to release one a day for the entire week, an itinerary that should look familiar to what we’ve done over the past few years.

The plan can change, of course, but mark it down in your calendar and be on alert for confirmation. (It looks promising; let’s call it 85 percent “yes” and hopefully the video team doesn’t see this and immediately yells at me for making promises.)

While we wait, we dive headfirst into more screenshots. After showcasing some of the latest images on Wednesday, we’re showing off another image from each course.

Things are really coming together.

(Click to enlarge)

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