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The Course Caddy is Complete; All 90 Holes in 2014 Reviewed

After months of news stories, thousands upon thousands of words and hundreds of featured YouTubes, the Golden Tee 2014 Course Caddy is now complete.

All 90 holes in the latest installment of GT have been dissected, each given the spotlight treatment for your consumption. Having trouble with a particular course? A hole? A single shot? Chances are we’ve covered it.

Just about every scenario one can encounter on 2014 has been addressed, from the simple approaches on opening holes to the tricky drives on 18s. It’s all there (and it took a really long time to do, so you should totally read it).

Check out the Caddy here and click on your course of choice. From there you’ll be able to sort through holes and even add your own feedback on each and every design to share your thoughts and strategy.


Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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