The Return of Course Caddies
Starting on Monday, Every Hole in Golden Tee 2014 Will Be Dissected!

They’re back!

After a hiatus, the Golden Tee Course Caddies are returning to starting on Monday, Dec. 2. Unlike previous installments of the series, however, this year’s take on this helpful guide will involve YOU.

Yes, YOU.

For those perhaps new to this feature, the Course Caddies are detailed outlines of each hole in Golden Tee 2014. In past years these descriptions have included images from above, tips on how to play a hole and overall strategy relevant to the game in general.

This year it will follow a similar structure, although YouTube videos will now be included to show particular shots and we will be relying on your feedback to help complete the guide.

For the next few months, we will be releasing breakdowns of each hole in Golden Tee 2014, one for every day of the week. These write-ups will be posted as a news story, which means you will be able to add your input in the comment section.

Once each hole is posted, they will then be hosted on a special Course Caddy page that will update daily as more designs are added. It will take a while to get through each design—90 days to be specific—but the journey will include an enormous amount of trackball knowledge that will apply to this year’s courses and so much more.

It all starts once again on Monday. Be here as we dive deep into Golden Tee 2014, starting with Pelican Grove. 

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