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The Golden Tee Tournament Season Kicks Off With Power Events’ Florida Open

The Golden Tee tournament season is back in business.

Power Events’ Golden Tee Tour has returned in 2014, giving us six GT tourneys in various locations around the country. Those six stops will include: Orlando, St. Louis, Chicago, Minneapolis, Richmond and Houston, and things will get going at BackStage Billiards on Feb. 6 through Feb. 9.

The Orlando location will kick things off once again with the Florida Open, and the weekend is now less than a month away. Leave the cold winter chill—at least for a few days—and celebrate a fantastic weekend with good people and your favorite game.

On that Thursday, Feb. 6, the tournament will get underway with a Closest-to-the-Pin contest. As if you needed any further excuse to get to Florida early, you now have one. The following day, a handicap tournament will be held, giving everyone in the room a shot at winning free entry into the main event.

The main event will then get going on Saturday with the staple five-course qualifier. The top 32 finishers will then be placed in the main bracket. On Sunday, double-elimination match play will begin and a champion will be crowned later that day.

Is it cold by you? It probably is. Do you love Golden Tee? You’re here, so you probably do. Do you enjoy good food, good beer and good people? Of course you do.

Register for the Florida open here to reserve your sport. Walkups, of course, are also welcome.

For more information on this event and the entire tour visit We’ll have much more to come on the Florida Open. Stay tuned to LIVEWIRE for more!

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