New Year's Gear
The Right Clothing for the Right Occasion!

Turning the page from Christmas to New Year's Eve is a ritual we have down. In the world of Golden Tee, such transitions require a simple hit of the “Options” button and some quick wardrobe alterations.

Do you have all the New Year's clothing items yet? If not, here’s what you need to do. Hit “Options” at any point in your game, select “Give Away Code” and enter one of the following items.

Type in 12ACED2011 (The number twelve, the word "aced" and 2011) and you will receive a slick pair of pants and a matching shirt, perfect for the occasion. Type it in twice for both items.

Looking for something a little bit fancier? We have you covered.

Type in 0520102010 (a zero, a five, and then 2010, 2010) and you will receive one of three other New Year’s clothing items to complete a lovely white tux. The giveaway code may be entered three times to complete the entire outfit.

Enjoy the gear, have a lovely and safe New Year's Eve and stay tuned for new clothing items in 2014!

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