Golden Tee Year in Review
Stats, Bests, Totals and More from 2013! You Did Good, GT Players!

The end of the year is all about reflection. And before we take our suddenly useless calendars and toss them in the trash, setting our sights on 2014, we can look back at all we accomplished in 2013.

In the world of Golden Tee, you accomplished a lot. Yes, YOU, and the thousands upon thousands of Golden Tee fanatics just like you.

One of my favorite exercises of the year is buzzing our diligent ITnet team and asking for as much data from the past year as possible. How many putts were taken in 2013? What was the longest drive? Best score? How many feet were hit over the past 365 days?

The results for these questions are always astounding and enormous, and 2013 was no different. Here are some of the incredible numbers, stats and bests from the year that was.



Total Holes-In-One: 190,709

Total Double Eagles: 92,527

Total Eagles: 13,306,299

Total Birdies: 55,862,705

Total Great Shot Points: 41,226,077,363

Total Golden Tee Points: 18,135,250,928

Total Strokes: 394,374,523

Total Putts: 112,349,929

Total Holes Played: 112,979,995

Total Rounds Played: 6,312,918

The Yearly Average Score: -9.78

2013 Longest Drive: 509.41yds

2013 Longest Putt: 151.5 feet

2013 Best Great Shot Points (in one round): 201,767

2013 Best Score: -32


And finally, my favorite stat of the year…

Total Tee Shot Distance: 43,308,604,319 feet or 14,436,201,439 yards or 8,202,387 miles or circling the sun three times or circling the earth 329 times


Well done, Golden Tee players. And Happy New Year.

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