The Houston Holiday Classic
Live Stream! Watch Power Events' Final GT Tourney of the Year!

The final Golden Tee tournament of the year is upon us, and two—yes, two—champions will be crowned before Monday arrives.

Power Events’ Houston Holiday Classic is officially underway at Jake's Philly Steak, and the weekend will be jam-packed with Golden Tee. And if you were unable to make it for this monster GT event, you’ll be able to watch much of it thanks to the live stream now synonymous with the PEGT Tour.

As for what you can expect, here’s a rundown of the weekend.

Friday night will be all about the handicap tournament, one of the most exciting events of the weekend. On Saturday the actual tournament will begin with a five-course qualifier, and then matches will begin shortly after.

On Sunday we’ll watch two tournaments wrap up. First, a Houston Holiday Classic champion will be crowned during mid to late afternoon. Shortly after, the Player of the Year Tournament will begin—putting the 32 players with the most PEGT Points against one another in one final bracket.

And yes, you can watch it all—or at the very least, the best matches—right here on the live stream. You can also view the stream on, which will have all the updates results and weekend happenings.

It’s going to be a blast. Sit back and enjoy.

DISCLAIMER: Power Events also streams audio, some of which… will feature “interesting” language and commentary that will be both hilarious and for adult ears only. You’ll enjoy it, but you’ve also been warned.

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