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Introducing the Three New Virtual Golf Balls That Will Debut in Golden Tee 2014

You’ve seen the two new club sets that will debut in Golden Tee 2014, now it’s time to get a glimpse at the other aspect of this important GT tandem.

What’s new in the world of virtual golf balls?

Golden Tee 2014 will debut three new virtual golf balls, all of which are unique in style and characteristics. The total collection of golf balls will reach 21 since Golden Tee 2005 first launched, and 12 of these balls will be available for purchase in the game.

As for the three new balls, and a look at their performance charts, here’s what you can expect come launch. Speaking of, the game will begin shipping on September 23.



Great for keeping shots close to the pin, the Archer balls fly high and land soft.


A lower bounce, softer landing ball, with a backspin boost for ultimate control.


Great for record drives! Big distance but less spin for curve shots.

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