The World’s Friendliest Bunker
How Can You Possibly Tame the Challenging Coconut 17th? Well, like So

Here’s a shot you will see again on a hole that’s a beast to master.

Hole 17 on Coconut Beach may be the toughest eagle to consistently walk away with in 2013. A difficult wind and pin placement can almost all but shut it down, and it’ll take a truly special (or lucky) shot to even find the green.

Although we’ve seen some fascinating bounces off the concrete near the top of the green, getting in and out of the well-placed bunker has been a different story. Well, until now.

You know the routine.

You will indeed see this shot—and this lovely bounce towards the cup—once again, coming to your Golden Tee LIVE cabinet next week.

Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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