Freddie Freeman is Ready, Are You?
The Atlanta Braves Star Has His Golden Tee Home Edition and He’ll Be Online Soon Enough

One of Major League Baseball’s brightest young stars is trying to bring his success in the batter’s box to the virtual tee box. Atlanta Braves first basemen Freddie Freeman is now the proud owner of a Golden Tee Golf Home Edition.

The 23-year-old has made an instant splash in the major leagues, impressing teammates and opponents with his defensive skills and heading into his third full season with 45 home runs. That power is a valuable weapon on the field – as well as a key asset when he’s competing against friends on his Golden Tee.

Freddie will be going online with the Golden Tee Home Edition once it launches in March, and a new era of GT is on the horizon.

Join him, won’t you?

To complete your man cave, check out the Golden Tee Home Edition at or contact us for general inquiries or pricing information.

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